When Inspiration Abandons You

You know how it is. Life is bright and beautiful, and you’ve got it all figured out. The sun is shining, you wake up knowing what you’re doing next — everywhere you look is . You are ready to take action, you have a clear path to the next big thing, and the world is yours!

This is a wonderful time. It not only feels good, but you get so much done when inspiration is on your side.

But then,…

Inspiration flits away. Fades off into the distance. Moves on without you. That sun shining in your window? It’s just kind of annoying now.

So what do you do? Give up? Fall into a heap of self-loathing and depression? I certainly have. I believe that hope is lost, and that inspiration has forsaken me.

What a self-defeating approach! That inspiration was real. And it continues to be real — it just needs a small break (don’t we all?)

Hang in there. Take this time to be easy on yourself, and get some well-deserved rest. Put your feet up and settle into the laziness.

Life ebbs and flows. Inspiration is no different. When you’re on, you’re ON. But sometimes you’re off. And that’s okay. Just remember that your sunshine-y switch always flips back on. You just need to be patient, trust the process, and do what you need to do to prop yourself up in the meantime.

Listen to some light music, watch some easy comedy, eat something cheerful, and squeeze some lemon on it — literally or figuratively. You can do this.


Listen to my soothing voice read this blog to you while we make a sandwich together.






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